AquaNotes Picture

Great product for capturing ideas

I love to feature examples of innovative products.  The product I discuss in this article is a particularly good example because it is an innovative product that helps innovators!  I recently purchased this product, Aqua Notes, which is a notepad that can be used when wet.  This is perfect for a shower, boat, camping trip or a walk in the rain.  I tried the notepad myself, and it works great.  The picture to the left was taken after writing a note while the notepad and pencil were wet.  After the note dried, it was perfectly readable and the paper remained flat – not wrinkled and no curled-up edges.

In previous posts, I have discussed the many different locations where people develop creative ideas.  Over the years, I have talked with many innovators and creative thinkers who often find inspiration while taking a shower.  I’ve lost count of the number of times people have said something like, “someone needs to invent a way to take notes in the shower.”  This product is the answer to that request.  If you are a “creative shower thinker”, this might be the perfect tool for capturing those valuable ideas.

This example illustrates an innovative product that fills a market need.  I was so impressed with the Aqua Notes that I purchased several notepads to give to friends and clients who are creative thinkers.  What can you do in your own business to fill a gap in the marketplace?  Are you talking to customers (or potential customers) and following trends in your industry to identify these gaps?  Filling a gap may not require a new product or service.  Some gaps can be filled by adding a new feature to an existing product or adapting the existing product for sale in a different market segment.

The next time you hear someone in your market say “I wish someone would create a …..”, listen closely – this is valuable information that gives your business an opportunity to fill a marketplace gap.