Implementing an innovation strategy in your business may seem overwhelming at first.  I talk with many business leaders who are unclear about how to leverage innovation in their company.  I often hear something like “We are not a technology company, innovation doesn’t apply to us.”  Nothing is further from the truth.  All companies can benefit from innovation, regardless of size, industry or location.

Many business leaders fail to implement an innovation strategy because they don’t know how to get started and believe that it must be a time-consuming process.  However, the innovation process can be separated into a series of small steps that build upon one another over time.  The initial steps may include educating employees about innovation and scheduling several informal innovation brainstorming sessions to identify potential innovations.  Later steps create systems for identifying, tracking and implementing innovations throughout the company.

A business innovation strategy creates an “innovation culture” by involving employees throughout the company in the innovation process.  As employees learn about innovation and see examples of creative ideas implemented throughout the company, they contribute more ideas and celebrate in the success of the company.  Over time, these activities position the company as an innovator in its industry, which brings positive attention in the press and by word-of-mouth. All of these positive results are developed from a planned series of steps.

Implementing an innovation strategy in your company begins with a simple first step:  Learn about innovation to understand how a simple idea can have a tremendous impact on your business.