Many innovations solve problems or simply make life easier.  Here’s a wonderful example of using innovation to solve a current problem.

Problem:  Kids with Diabetes need to monitor their blood sugar level throughout the day.  This involves an uncomfortable finger prick each time their blood sugar level is tested.  Kids may attempt to avoid this daily testing, which may jeopardize their health.

Solution:  Combine the blood sugar testing procedure with something kids enjoy … Video games!  The solution is a blood glucose meter that connects to a video game and rewards the child each time they test their blood sugar. Bayer developed this innovative blood glucose meter (called Didget), which is now being sold in the U.K. and is scheduled to launch next month in the U.S.

See the full article about the new blood glucose meter in Business Week.

This is a great example of combining two existing products (blood glucose meters and video games) into a new and innovative product.  Think of ways to do this in your own business.  Look for products or services from another company that would be a good “combination” with your existing products or services.

When you see a problem in your own business or in your industry, brainstorm for a solution to the problem.  Think about how similar problems were solved in other industries and think about a solution that the market will eagerly accept. Tell me about the innovations you develop.  I would love to showcase them here on my blog.