My family and I are enjoying a relaxing holiday weekend (Memorial Day in the United States).

I’m often surprised how many people develop creative ideas when they are relaxing or doing something that is not focused on creative thinking.  Often, ideas “pop” into people’s minds at the most unexpected (and unplanned) times.

This happened to me last week.  I had been working all morning on various business projects.  I took a break to go play with our dogs in the back yard.  While I was throwing toys for the dogs, I was not thinking about my business projects.  But, while playing I came up with a fantastic idea for a new project that can help small business owners.  When I finished playing with the dogs, I quickly took action on the idea and shared it with a business partner that can help me implement the idea.  She was excited too and said “You should play with your dogs more often!”

I’m off to do some more “relaxing” with my family – I can’t wait to see what ideas come to me this afternoon.

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