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Here’s an example of a situation where someone found a solution to a problem.  However, they forgot to consider the new problems caused by their solution!

Many cities are installing new traffic signals (or modifying existing signals) to use low-energy light bulbs, which results in savings on energy costs.  However, in cold climates these energy-efficient light bulbs have a problem.  Some cities like Green Bay, Chicago and Minneapolis are having difficulties when continue reading…

I regularly use case studies to teach my clients about innovation.  Case studies show a particular example of a business innovation, but can be generalized to apply to many businesses in a variety of markets.  The following case study describes an innovation developed at one of my clients.

A law firm regularly filed documents with a government agency by first class mail.  Each mailing would include a postcard addressed to the law firm that was date-stamped by the government agency and returned to the law firm.  The postcard acted as a receipt that the documents were received by the agency.

The law firm had an internal procedure that required each postcard to be stored in a physical file containing the documents mailed to the government agency.  These physical files were also used regularly by attorneys and support staff in the law firm.  Administrative employees spent a significant amount of continue reading…

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